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Hi! Please check below for updated changelogs of Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite

New version 1.3 (12/29/2019)

  • Fixed player being able to respawn by clicking apply while in storage
  • Fixed grenade not dealing damage to claymores
  • Fixed Airbase landscape not having any impacts
  • Fixed account ID not showing in the personal profile
  • Disabled F11 toggling window mode
  • Fix video settings not showing correct values
  • Added fast M203 toggle key binding in setting
  • Added M203 impact effect (when not exploding)
  • Added extra check conditions when spawning to avoid being stuck after pressing keys to respawn
  • Fixed bot not recreating properly, not removing properly
  • Fixed video setting showing wrong values

New version 1.2c (12/27/2019)

  • Fix bot shooting you while spawning
  • Fix incorrect bot numbers on server browser
  • Make bot face player more properly
  • Fix grenades not dealing any damage to claymores
  • Improve AI behavior (randomly select path upon spawning, going around a point, less aggressive, only fire when sees player)
  • Added account ID to personal profile

New version 1.2b (12/25/2019):
-Fix bots not recreate after match restarts
-Fix wrong bot team replacement
-Fix floating guns from bots
-Fix immortal player bug
-Added bot name tag
-Tweak bot behaviors
-Fix mouse sensitivity not synced in menu and ingame
-Fix issues related to crashes

New version 1.2 (12/24/2019):

  • Fix text display bugs
  • Fix gun display image not appearing, ammo not reducing
  • Added experimental AI (bots)
  • Fix bugs related to server handling spawn requests
  • Fix minor bugs related to UI
  • Fix minor bugs related to gameplay mechanic
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