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Live photo of a developer blasting a bug.

Day 2: Progress Update on Servers, New Defects, and Gameplay Balancing

Live photo of a developer blasting a bug.

Live photo of a dev blasting a bug; 2019, colorized.

After many months of work, it still feels surreal to say that the Early Acces for Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite has been live for almost 24 hours! Team members of Red Jake Studios have been in the servers to capture live feedback from players, and are connecting with players via Discord and the support section of the website.

As the game goes live on all-new permutations and combinations of hardware, new bugs have popped up. Resolving bugs is dev’s number one priority before working on any new roadmap items. We wanted to provide the community with a formal update on in-flight deliverables as the dev team works away on these issues. There are many one-off defects that we have already resolved working directly with players that are not included below – the list focuses on issues affecting multiple members of the player population.

The team has a major patch in the works that will be rolling out next week to address some of the more complicated defects that have arisen below.

If you are a player experiencing any problems, please reach out to us via the support section of our website or via Discord. We will work directly with you until your issues are resolved.


Performance Enhancements for North American Servers (Complete)

While the EU servers are running smoothly, our US provider was not performing adequately at launch. We’ve observed numerous issues related to the quality of the servers, including teleporting, bad hit registration, players’ weapons disappearing, and leaning getting stuck. This was unacceptable and the top priority for the team to resolve. We worked all day setting up new North American servers, which are online right now and should be dramatically better. If you were a North American player who experienced any of the previous issues on day one, please let us know how your experience is today.

*Over the course of the next day, we’re going to test an additional North American provider to determine which one is best and will keep players updated.


Identified Defects (In Progress)

Teleporting and bad hit registration on North American Servers

  • Estimated Population Size:Large
  • Fix ETA: Completed

This should be fixed after updating to the new servers

Weapon Disappearing on North American Servers

  • Estimated Population Size:Large
  • Fix ETA: Completed

This should be fixed after updating to the new servers

Leaning Stuck on North American Servers

  • Affected Population Size: Large
  • Fix ETA: Completed

This should be fixed after updating to the new servers

Keybinding issues

  • Affected Population Size: Medium to Large
  • Fix ETA: see below

A number of keybinding issues have been identified. Some of these were patched overnight, while others should be resolved by next week’s major patch.

  • Primary weapon key cannot be rebound for some users. (In Progress; Fix ETA: next week)
  • Rebinding the revive key causes crashes. (Completed)
  • Players cannot bind additional functions to their fire key. This is intentional, but the display notification is not always appearing to inform the player. (In Progress; Fix ETA: next week)
  • “C” cannot be rebound. This is intentional at this time to prevent a game-breaking exploit found within the last few weeks. Fixing this requires considerable work, and will be patched later during Early Access. (Fix ETA: Early 2020)

“D3D” Crash

  • Affected Population Size: Very small
  • Fix ETA: Next week

This appears tied to AMD GPU and the version of Unreal Engine the game is currently running on. We are planning to update the engine version next week, which should resolve this defect.

Lag when firing weapons

  • Affected Population Size: Small
  • Fix ETA: Next week

This has been present for some time now. In small tests with affected users, we’ve confirmed that updating the game to the newer version of Unreal Engine resolved this issue. We are planning to update the engine version next week, which should resolve this defect.

Alt+Tab Intermittently Changes Resolution

  • Affected player size: Large
  • Fix ETA: Next week

We believe this is related to the version of Unreal Engine the game is running on. The developers of Unreal Engine report that the new version the game is being updated to should include improvements for Alt+Tab.

Lag on the primary objective buildings of Devil’s Defiance and Abandoned Airbase

  • Estimated Population Size: Medium
  • Fix ETA: Next week

Some players are experiencing lag spikes on the center objective of Devil’s Defiance and the hangar at Abandoned Airbase. We are optimizing these areas of the levels, which we believe is the cause of the intermittent lag spikes.

Intermittent Crashes

  • Estimated Population Size: Large
  • Fix ETA: Daily fixes through Early Access

As the game rolls out onto countless new permutations and combinations of hardware, new bugs are popping up. Unfortunately, these bugs may occasionally cause crashes. While most customers are able to play the game smoothly, almost everyone will eventually experience a crash at some point during Early Access.

If you experience a crash, in addition to clicking “Send” on the crash report, the team would be immensely grateful if you copied and pasted the bug report and delivered it to us via, Discord, or the support section of the website, as it guarantees delivery of the crash log (instead of relying on seamless delivery of the log from Unreal’s crash report). As long as we have a crash log, we can identify what broke in the game’s code and resolve it so the crash does not happen again.


Gameplay/Balancing Issues

After just 24 hours, we still need more time to gather data, but two shortcomings are readily apparent and currently being worked on.

Buff for Long Range Snipers

  • Fix ETA: Next week

Long range snipers need a buff. The velocity of the rounds is too slow at long ranges to meaningfully affect gameplay, and it is too difficult to aim at extreme distances (1km+). We also plan to raise the ceiling of elevation adjustments to make longer-range snipers more powerful. We will keep a close eye on how this impacts gameplay, which will be readily apparent as we roll out new maps with more long-range sniping opportunities.

Implement “Cap” for Claymore Count

  • Fix ETA: TBD (will be added in 24 hours)

The number of claymores is currently unlimited and needs to be capped at 4 or less. With a cap, when a player plants a fifth live claymore, the first one they planted will disappear. Claymores will continue to not disappear after a player dies – they will only disappear when they are blown up or a player plants a fifth live claymore. We may reduce the cap to 2 active claymores if the game continues to have so many that it negatively impacts gameplay.


Content Updates

Content Updates are on hold until the above have been improved, but we have enemy AI (bots), a tremendous visual overhaul for Narco’s Den, motion capture animations for third person, and much more on the roadmap.


Quality of Life Enhancements

Many “quality of life” enhancements, such as the ability to auto-run or change weapons with the mouse scroll wheel, are part of the roadmap and will be worked on once all major defects have been resolved.


One last thing – if you are enjoying Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite, please be sure to leave us a positive review on Steam. If you are not enjoying the game, we’d be extremely appreciative if you contacted us via or Discord to share your experience so we can improve it and earn your positive review.

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