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Red Jake Studios LLC


We will be regularly updating the roadmap.

Check back soon for timeline and additional details on the roadmap. Integrating fan feedback is our top priority, so please let us know what you want most at our forums sure to voice your most-requested features.

At this time, our top priorities are resolving defects, enemy AI (bots), and new maps.

Post-Launch Roadmap (included for FREE with Early Access):

  • Enemy AI (Bots): for offline and online modes
  • Visual overhaul of Narco’s Den: add decorations, sounds, visual effects, etc.
  • Visual enhancements for existing maps
  • New stock maps: 5+ stock maps and many more custom maps in development
  • New game modes: Advance and Secure, Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Coop, and more*
  • Existing map improvements: visual updates and refinements for current maps
  • Map editor: make your own maps and play them with friends
  • Clan management system: create clans and clan tags, invite and kick members, record clan stats and awards, and participate in clan wars
  • Advanced stat tracking: show off your stats to other players, and earn ribbons and badges for achievements (knife kills, headshots, etc.)
  • Leaderboards
  • Improved sound system: sounds reacting based on the environment (e.g. weapons fired in a building sound different than in a valley)
  • New motion capture animations 
  • Ranking system
  • Tournaments and Ladders: with clan support
  • Matchmaking system
  • Weapon skins
  • Player skins
  • Additional Emotes/Taunts/Celebrations
  • Additional weapons and gadgets: weapons and gadgets will always be available to everyone without unlocking
  • Server management tool
  • Custom servers: Rent or host your own server with customized rules and map rotation
  • Improved tactical map system
  • Mountable vehicles with preset patrol paths
  • Daily missions
  • Level up and rewards system
  • Customizable HUD
  • Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode: with and without AI teammates
  • Improved game menus and options
  • Support for more platforms

*New game modes are subject to change.

Some skins and emotes will be available for free, while others may be purchased with real world currency.

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