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Take a peak at the backlog for Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite



[being updated]

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 2.1 (May 28, 2020)

  • Fixed bug preventing players from joining public servers
  • Fixed bug preventing players from joining games
  • Optimized task processing for better thread performance
  • General optimization fixes

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 2.01 (May 16, 2020)

  • Minor bug fixes

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 2.00 (May 15, 2020)
Version 2.00 of Early Access drops today featuring new maps, new animations, a community server tool, bug fixes, and much more. Check below for the full list of updates.

We have an enormous update coming later this summer that will feature new maps, unlockable cosmetics, rankings, a new interface, and more.


  • Viper’s Nest: Hill-to-hill fighting over a remote mountain village nestled between bases.
  • Desert Pharaoh: Defend the ancient desert ruins from the enemy.
  • Narco’s Den v2: Fight for control of a drug kingpin’s compound.
  • Shipyard: Close quarter dock fighting. Stop the arms trafficking operation.
  • Stronghold: Close quarters urban combat centered around the objective building.
  • Underground: Frantic tunnel action. Capture and hold the central tunnel chamber from the other team.
  • Desert Valley CQB: A close quarters version of desert valley.
  • Desert Valley Sunset: A fog-free version of Desert Valley (TDM only).


  • New third person animations: overhauled the character animations with mocap.
  • New first person animations: weapons now bounce and sway depending on your character’s movement.
  • Improved bot AI: Bots engage you more aggressively, look for you on rooftops, and shoot you when you lay prone.
  • Added Windows community server tool. To download it, go to “Library” under Steam, and in the drop-down in the top left corner, switch from “Games” to “Tools,”and look for “Task Force Elite Dedicated Server.” (Linux version coming soon).
  • Improved weapon sounds.
  • Added new scopes for sniper rifles.
  • Improved reticles for scoped weapons.
  • Refined sniper round bullet calculation for improved accuracy at extreme distances.
  • Server-size optimization for improved net code.
  • Improved ladder functionality.
  • Resolved defect where players attempting to capture a PSP could not do so if the enemy was spawning live on the PSP.
  • Switched back-end to new database.
  • Switch database from gamespark to our custom database.
  • Added environmental sounds for improved level ambience.
  • Added new cinematic to intro screen.
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes.

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.6 (February 3, 2020)
A new patch, version 1.6, is now live! The update includes a new game mode, major updates to the medic class, considerable refinements to sniper rifles, a re-balancing of explosives, and numerous quality of life fixes. Read on for more details.


  • Deathmatch added as a game mode. Includes three maps at launch: Airbase, First Fall, and Narco’s Den.
  • Switching from from Prone to Crouch and Prone to Standing is significantly faster.
  • Round stats are now retained when players leave and rejoin a room before the round ends.
  • “Auto run” can be enabled via Scroll Lock key.
  • Death screen now features a fixed, rotating third person camera view until players respawn or are revived.
  • Smoke from smoke grenades now renders at all distances to ensure concealment from sniper scopes and binoculars.
  • Chat removed from spectator mode.
  • The CTRL key can be held to use a weapon’s integrated grenade launcher – improved mechanic
  • The CTRL key can be held to use the medic syringe.

The Medic class has received a massive update in this patch. We heard the community’s feedback loud and clear, and have made the syringe a standalone gadget.

  • Medics now equip the syringe as a standalone gadget to administer aid (as opposed to using an action button to revive teammates).
  • Medics can now restore teammates’ health to 100% with a jab of the syringe.
  • The Medic’s crosshair turns green when a teammate can be healed or revived.
  • Medics can revive teammates while running (just look at your teammate’s body and press the heal button when the crosshair turns green).
  • Medic revives are significantly faster.
  • Revived players’ screens turn blue to indicate they’ve been revived.
  • Revived players now come back with 100% of their health.
  • The amalgamation of updates to the Medic class creates a new tactic, medic chains, for teams to leapfrog their way to objectives by reviving dead teammates and leveraging the spawn armor from revives. Medic chains add a new level of depth and provide a crucial element that was missing from competitive play.

A number of enhancements were made to the Sniper class to increase its lethality at long range:

  • Improved shot registration for sniper rifles.
  • Increased velocity for all sniper rounds – round velocity now matches the real life values of the respective sniper rifles.
  • Range elevation adjustments are now unique for each weapon.
  • M21: 800 meters maximum elevation adjustment.
  • .50 Cal: 1,000 meters maximum elevation adjustment;
  • L96: 1,200 meters maximum elevation adjustment.
  • Reduced accuracy when shooting unscoped/from the hip with a sniper rifle.
  • Removed crosshair when shooting unscoped/from the hip with a sniper rifle to improve pistol utilization and emphasize sniper rifles’ purpose for long distance engagements.


  • Loadouts featuring explosive weapons were rebalanced to add greater depth to the Assault class and reduce spamming of explosives.
  • Removed the standalone M203 launcher from the Gunner class.
  • The standalone M203 gadget cannot be equipped if a player‘s primary weapon has an integrated grenade launcher.
  • The M4/203 and F90(G) were removed from the Gunner class.
  • The Gunner class only carries 1 RPG.
  • The Gunner class now has 3 frag grenades (down from 6) and 2 flashbangs (down from 5).
  • We will be keeping a close eye on 40mm grenade utilization now that it is exclusive to the Assault class.


  • Fixed performance issues for AMD FX Series hardware.
  • Resolved server crash bug (caused by claymore cap not properly resetting at the end of some rounds).
  • Resolved miscellaneous fatal errors.

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.5c (January 19, 2020)

  • Fixed zone on Devil’s Defiance to match map indicator
  • Fixed bots on Devil’s Defiance not moving
  • Reduced frequency of dog barks in Devil’s Defiance
  • Reduced overall ambient sounds volume in Devil’s Defiance
  • Fixed few blocking issues in Devil’s Defiance (reported by DUZ)
  • Fixed ADS with muzzle splash issue
  • Final prepare for Deathmatch

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.5b (January 16, 2020)

  • Fix defect in Devil’s Defiance where some assets were not showing in the production build (ladders, barricades, garden decorations, etc.). Almost all of these have been resolved except for some missing assets in the sniper buildings in the base, including window barricades.
  • As mentioned previously, there are still some placeholder assets in the levels, so visuals will continue to improve over time as work is delivered iteratively

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.5 (January 15, 2020)

  • Fixed bots not moving in DesertValley and Narco’s Den
  • Fixed rare crashed with m203
  • Fixed camera lean issues related to ladders
  • Fixed jump stuck after climbing ladders or some other rare cases
  • Added team armories. There will be 2 kinds of armories: team armories and neutral armories. Team armories can only be accessed by owning team. This is to prevent the case of armory abusing reported by multiple people.


  • The latest version of Devil’s Defiance is now live! The map has a lot of performance optimizations to come, but the team enjoyed the new design so much over the original that we wanted to share the newest iteration as the map continues to be polished.
  • The spawn camps were streamlined and pushed up closer to the front line
  • Exit-only barricades keep the enemy out of the base camp, and improved sniper building locations in the rear provide more opportunities to clear the objective rooftop and cover the side street.
  • Progressive spawn point areas are completely redesigned. The new designs remove pixel peaks and improve close quarter combat. There are new entries into the objective, which should make these areas more action-packed.
  • Boxes blocking out the bottom of the objective building’s entrances give attackers a better chance at contesting the building
  • Barricaded windows streamline the playable area and allow more opportunities for attackers to progress towards the center of the map.
  • Devil’s Defiance still has more improvements in the pipeline. Major performance improvements and visual enhancements are in the works. The design team is keeping a close eye on how the new objective building plays out now that players can more easily enter it. Finally, some collision refinements for the barricades will be rolled out soon.
  • Prepare two new game modes (currently not available for play)

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.4d (January 5, 2020)

  • Fixed bot not respawning after killed by grenades/M203/RPG
  • Fixed bot disappearance after a certain distance
  • Fixed sniper info board showing on respawn
  • Fixed cases when after respawn, no weapon icons are shown
  • Reduced binocular speed to the same as knife
  • Airbase and First Fall map overhauls

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.4c (January 4, 2020)

  • Added claymore cap. The cap is 3. Additionally, if the player plants the claymore leaves the match, all his/her claymores will be destroyed as well.
  • Improved m203 toggle mechanic
  • Improved m203 explosion logic (to remove the case when m203 sometimes not detonating on impact)
  • Fixed crash when select skins in loadout menu

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.4b (January 3, 2020)

  • Fixed m203 doesn’t deal any damage
  • Fixed unable to spawn at PSPs problem

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.4 (January 3, 2020)

  • Fixed claymore kill through obstacles
  • Fixed flash persistent bugs. Flash effect will be removed when player respawns
  • Fixed bouncy m203 bullets
  • Fixed case when m203 does not disappear when exploded
  • Fixed rare case when m203 does not detonate on impact
  • Fixed rare case when player is unable to select any weapons
  • Added communication block (including voice and chat). Players can block by clicking on the speaker icon on scoreboard
  • Improved m203 toggle mechanic. M203 switch can be cancelled midway when holding
  • Added version checker
  • Remove friendly fire effect
  • Fix minor issues

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.3 (December 29, 2019)

  • Fixed player being able to respawn by clicking apply while in storage
  • Fixed grenade not dealing damage to claymores
  • Fixed Airbase landscape not having any impacts
  • Fixed account ID not showing in the personal profile
  • Disabled F11 toggling window mode
  • Fix video settings not showing correct values
  • Added fast M203 toggle key binding in setting
  • Added M203 impact effect (when not exploding)
  • Added extra check conditions when spawning to avoid being stuck after pressing keys to respawn
  • Fixed bot not recreating properly, not removing properly
  • Fixed video setting showing wrong values

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.2c (December 27, 2019)

  • Fix bot shooting you while spawning
  • Fix incorrect bot numbers on server browser
  • Make bot face player more properly
  • Fix grenades not dealing any damage to claymores
  • Improve AI behavior (randomly select path upon spawning, going around a point, less aggressive, only fire when sees player)
  • Added account ID to personal profile

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.2b (December 25, 2019):

  • Fix bots not recreate after match restarts
  • Fix wrong bot team replacement
  • Fix floating guns from bots
  • Fix immortal player bug
  • Added bot name tag
  • Tweak bot behaviors
  • Fix mouse sensitivity not synced in menu and ingame
  • Fix issues related to crashes

❗ NEW UPDATE – early access version 1.2 (December 24, 2019):

  • Fix text display bugs
  • Fix gun display image not appearing, ammo not reducing
  • Added experimental AI (bots)
  • Fix bugs related to server handling spawn requests
  • Fix minor bugs related to UI
  • Fix minor bugs related to gameplay mechanic