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Map Spotlight: First Fall

Welcome to the mean streets of First Fall. The city is under siege by Red Spear PMC and will be the first of many to fall if Task Force Elite fails to defend the city.

First Fall has received considerable updates since its first unveiling last summer, including performance updates, visual enhancements, and design refinements. As the December 18 Early Access release for Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite inches closer, we wanted to devote some time to reviewing the numerous enhancements made.

On the design side, the playable area of the map was expanded by unblocking alleyways and adding an all-new area at one of the corners of the map. The progressive spawn points (PSPs) that teams can capture and respawn at were slightly shifted back to improve the flow of the map, as were the designated spawn points for both teams. The new design makes strategic decisions more organic, as players have more options for approaching different objectives upon spawning.
M16 is the rifle of America's Army in this game

The M16 ideal for medium range combat.

On the Task Force Elite team’s side of the map, there is an abandoned marketplace. Fighting through it reveals a PSP on a street corner.

Running and gunning is key to success.

Both teams fight for control of a hotel in the center of the city. The hotel features multiple levels and wraparound balcony – but teams must beware of the exterior-only rooftop access. A team locking down the inside levels of the hotel may not control the objective if the opposing force has scaled the building and laid claim to the rooftop. Teamwork and coordination are key for controlling the entire building, especially in Team King of the Hill, where teams fight to hold the zone and keep it clear of enemy combatants.

The Red Spear PMC’s side of the map has an abandoned scrap yard just past a small street corner.

House to house fighting is an essential part of First Fall. Accessing key vantage points along roof tops is instrumental for controlling sectors of the map, so make sure to bring some grenades to clear out sniper nests.

Task Force Elite moves out from their base.Task Force Elite moves out from their base.

A street corner shortly beyond the Red Spear PMC’s base.

If you’ve not already, make sure to add Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite to your Steam Wishlist and sign up on Steam to be notified when it launches on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

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