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Event Notes for Early Access Preview (Press Build)

For the Early Access Preview, the dev team has chosen their favorite game mode, Team King of the Hill, along with three maps that showcase Tip of the Spear’s signature mix of urban and terrain-based warfare.

Event Information:


WHO: Press and past alpha testers



Since the manual and in-game tutorials are still being developed for Early Access, here are the rules for Team King of the Hill for newcomers:

  • If a team stays in the zone for 10 consecutive minutes, they win.
  • If neither team has reached 10 consecutive minutes in the zone, then the team in the zone at the end of the round with the longest time wins. (e.g. if Task Force Elite’s zone time is 2 minutes at the end of the round, and Red Spear PMC’s zone time is 1 minute at the end of the round, then Task Force Elite wins since their team has the higher zone time).
  • If there are no teams in the zone at the end of the round, the round is a draw.

The dev team is currently in crunch mode, applying polish and squashing bugs to make sure the Early Access release goes as smoothly as possible. With that in mind, we wanted to make players aware of some issues we are working on as we enter this weekend’s Early Access Preview:

  • Some lines of dialogue cut out. When the enemy team captures a PSP, the dialogue cuts off halfway through the sound.
  • Name tag issues. We have introduced a new system that adjusts name tag opacity based on distance, so you can tell how close by your teammates are. The black outlines around the name tags have been temporarily removed, which affects legibility against bright backgrounds. We also plan to refine the level of opacity so it reduces more gradually over longer distances.
  • No messaging to notify the user the round is about to begin. After a match ends, there is a delay before the round begins (count down timer appears at the top of the screen). We plan to add messaging informing the user the round is about to begin.
  • Intermittent crashes. We ask that users continue to click “Send” on Unreal Engine crashes when they appear so the developers can review the cause of the crash. It is also helpful if users copy+paste the text in the crash window and submit to the developers, since sent logs cannot be decrypted in some instances.
  • Custom key bindings cannot bind to “C” key. This is a crude fix for a major exploit.
  • Sound lag. A small number of players have reported an issue where their game runs smoothly until they fire their weapon. We have worked extensively with these users over the last 6 weeks and confirmed this is an issue with the version of Unreal Engine the game is running on (version 4.23). We have tested the new Unreal Engine 4.24 with these users and confirmed version 4.24 resolves the defect. Post-launch, once things settle down, we plan to update to 4.24 so these users can have sound. Unfortunately, the only workaround at this time for these users is to play on mute.
  • Low quality textures and pop-in on some builds. This issue has abruptly appeared this morning. Re-installing the game has dramatically improved this issue for affected users, but it has not fixed it entirely. It may also affect when users aim down their weapon sights or use their binoculars. Fixed on December 14
  • Task Force Elite team should not have light grey shoes. This tactical & fashion faux pas will be addressed soon. Fixed on December 14

Make sure to check out the price reveal & launch detail blog for information about what the Early Access launch includes, as well as the game’s post-launch roadmap.

Here’s a video from our last major test weekend from BigfryTV.

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