military vehicle with ak47 game

Our latest alpha test has concluded!

  • James
    November 6, 2019

    I had sound issues the whole time. I also noticed my computer was running hot. I have a gaming laptop that I used and it’s only a few months old. It’s an MSI. I sent the specs to you. My head phones seem to not want to work either as they are also new and expensive. They are the Nari Ultimate (RAZER) head phones . My speakers on my laptop are real tech. I would like to see the use of these vehicles and bigger flag zones with more zones to capture. I would like to see more leg movements when climbing ladders with more gun control on one. It would be nice to see that some class of solders can get up faster from the ground than they are. I loved the graphics and the guns. Wish I could of heard the sound. I appreciate your time and effort that you are putting into this and thank you all for dedication. I believe this has a lot of potential and understand it’s still in the testing stage. Thank you!

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